Are we eating plastic everyday?

Do you know almost our every cup of tea can also contain plastics? Yes, you are right! Almost every single cup of tea contain microplastics!

Every we drink various type of tea like Masala Tea, Green Tea, Lemon Tea or any more types of flavor tea that can contain thousand amount of microplastics!

As soon as we wake up, we need to drink a cup of tea. Generally we make tea by using loose leaves, But for convenience’s sake big companies started selling tea in teabags! We just have to dip the teabag in hot water or milk and our tea will be ready within half of minute!

What’s the problem with it?

Actually the problem is in the teabags itself!! At a glance it seems like a paper bag, but to keep the seal and shape of teabags intact in hot water, some brand are mixing Polypropylene in it, which is a types of plastic!!

When this teabag gets mixed with hot water, billion of micro plastics gets release in the tea! According to recent research in Canada McGill University one teabag can release 11.6 billion microplastics. Can imaging 11.6 billion!!

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What is microplastic?

Every plastic piece that smaller than 5 mm is called microplastic. Mostly they are such small pieces that they can’t be seen from naked eye. But they are present in 98% cases!! These microplastics gets release from teabags and we consume them!!

So basically, we are eating plastics!! So, If of your known person uses teabags share them this article or tell them about this.

How do we know if it’s a plastic bag?

The basic technique to find out is to rip a single bag with hands. If it rip easily, then it’s a paper bag. If it doesn’t rip easily then either it’s a a cloth bag or there’s high chance of plastic mixed in it. Not just this, every teabag comes in different packets which is a plastic wrapper. So every tea cup generates a lot of plastic waste.

Does it have any Solution?

Well, it is recommended that you make tea with loose leaves. But this is not possible during travel time, that’s why most of people use teabags! One products provide a solution to this, this is tea infuser.

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This products are available in market at cheap price and it made with steel. You can open the infuser and fill with leaves and use it like as teabag. This won’t release microplastic nor any waste would be generated as you can reuse it without any hesitate! And it is compact as well. So, it will be easy to carry it during travel.

This won’t hamper out convenience and it’ll cheaper as well because of loose of tea leaves are cheaper than comparison of teabags.  You can buy this from crockery shops.


Microplastic is very harmful for pregnant women! It also harmful for baby brain and tissue also. So, please avoid to drink tea with teabag.

Please share this article with your community, so that our next generation stay healthy. Thanks for reading!

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