There are a few downsides to Free hosting for wordpress site. The first is that it doesn’t include many of the features you might want to have.

These limitations can be easily overcome by utilizing a paid plan. Most of these companies also do not allow you to use a custom domain name. While there are a number of free WordPress hosting sites out there, these are not the best choice.

Free hosting for wordpress site

If you’re looking for a high-quality, low-cost option, then you’ll want to check out these three companies.


InfinityFree offers free hosting for one website, with up to 3GB of bandwidth and 300 MB disk space. You can set up your account in minutes, and they have a knowledgeable user base, as well as videos that teach you how to use the service.

You can also use a free subdomain from over 25 different domain extensions, or you can even use your own domain name. InfinityFree also offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space, so you don’t need to worry about running out of resources.


The next problem with Free hosting for wordpress site is that these services don’t last. You could end up losing all of your content if the service goes out of business. The downside of free hosting for WordPress sites is that they can disappear and take your data with them.

GeoCities was shuttered by Yahoo in 2009 but Japan escaped the fate, but they are still archived. Users of 000webhost report similar issues. In many cases, they are forced to archive the website.


InfinityFree provides free hosting for wordpress site. The free plan allows you to create and host a single website, with up to 300 MB of disk space and 3GB of monthly transfer. The company is known for its advanced technology suite, and the free account is easy to setup. InfinityFree has 400,000 registered users, and offers unlimited web space. As long as you don’t use your own domain, you can use a free subdomain from over 25 domain extensions.

There are a few drawbacks to free hosting for wordpress site. Some providers send unsolicited emails, but they aren’t all that bothersome. Generally, the only downside is that you may be forced to install WordPress manually.

Other providers offer paid WordPress hosting options. They are better for your website if it’s already installed and ready to go. It is important to select a plan that match with your requirements.


In addition to these downsides, Free hosting for wordpress site providers are usually not suitable for a high-traffic website. While some of these companies provide high-quality services, some of them go beyond the requirements you have for your site. In some cases, the only benefits you can get from free WordPress hosting are ads that you’re not interested in. However, you should be aware that these unsolicited emails may be a sign of a spammy provider.

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