Hello there! Now a days we have facing too much problem with our present environment! Our scientist had many research about Save Our Planet. And here I am talking about How to save our planet using Bamboo?

Before continue the main topic I would like to request you to read the article carefully. I have some simple idea to save our planet by using Bamboo! Yes I am right by Using Bamboo!!

Content Summery: 

  • Can Bamboo replace the plastics as alternative?
  • What all products can bamboo replace? 
  • Is Bamboo an eco-friendly alternative or not?
  • Can Bamboo reduce the level of deforestation?
  • How much time does it take for decompose?

How Bamboo can Save Our Planet and Soil?

Bamboo is our planet’s fastest growing plant. Some bamboo species can grow up to 3 feet in a single day! Not many people are aware of it but Bamboo release 35% of more oxygen than an equivalent stand of other wood trees! Do you know bamboo can be harvested in 1-5 years where as hardwoods like Oak can take up to 40 years for harvesting! If the harvesting will be soon the oxygen level of soil will be increase and there have more possibility to grow more trees! That’s how save our planet by planting more bamboos?

Not only this, The soil which gets infertile Bamboo can be grow in that too! Bamboo also can regenerate soil! So, undoubtedly Bamboo is one of the best renewable resource.



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