How to save our planet using Bamboo?

Hello there! Now a days we have facing too much problem with our present environment! Our scientist had many research about Save Our Planet. And here I am talking about How to save our planet using Bamboo?

I have some simple idea to save our planet by using Bamboo! Yes I am right by Using Bamboo!!

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  • Can Bamboo replace the plastics as alternative?
  • What all products can bamboo replace? 
  • Is Bamboo an eco-friendly alternative or not?
  • Can Bamboo reduce the level of deforestation?
  • How much time does it take for decompose?

How Bamboo can Save Our Planet

How Bamboo can Save Our Planet and Soil?

Bamboo is our planet’s fastest growing plant. Some bamboo species can grow up to 3 feet in a single day! Not many people are aware of it but Bamboo release 35% of more oxygen than an equivalent stand of other wood trees! Do you know bamboo can be harvested in 1-5 years where as hardwoods like Oak can take up to 40 years for harvesting! If the harvesting will be soon the oxygen level of soil will be increase and there have more possibility to grow more trees! That’s how save our planet by planting more bamboos?

Not only this, The soil which gets infertile Bamboo can be grow in that too! Bamboo also can regenerate soil! So, undoubtedly Bamboo is one of the best renewable resource.

Save Our Planet by Reducing Deforestation

Now let’s understand what all can bamboo replace. Deforestation is one of the biggest problem in the world right now! Every week, world’s 1 million acres of forest is destroyed because of deforestation! And Bamboo can reduce deforestation. Let’s see how..

The main reason of deforestation is our usage of wood, And in some cases Bamboo can replace the wood. By using Bamboos we can make Paper, Furniture, Charcoal, Flooring etc. And Even building materials can be replace by Bamboo! Because Bamboo fibers are Stronger than wood fibers!

So, next time before purchasing any of wood products Try bamboo as an alternative.

Save Our Planet using Bamboo as Plastic Alternative!

Actually bamboo can take up to 3 months to 2 years to decompose, depending on the soil and environment condition. Where as plastic take 500-1000 year to decompose!! So, for sure Bamboo is a better alternative than Plastics!

But can Bamboo replace plastics? Well, I won’t say replace in all places. But we can reduce the usage of Plastics! There are already many products are made of Bamboo and replacing the Plastics! Let me allow explain with some products:

Bamboo Products


We used toothbrush first in the morning which is made about plastic. On an average, we use 4 toothbrush in 1 year. Let calculate it by multiplied with total world population!! Its only 1 Toothbrush said by 8 Billion peoples. Just think how much count is that?? All that waste will be there for 500 years or more!! Shocking!!

So, you can change your plastic toothbrush with bamboo toothbrush immediately. Bamboo toothbrush is easily available in an market!


We all know that plastic disposable are used a lot. And recycle of them almost impossible! That’s why bamboo disposable are made which decompose in few months time.


Every year around 8.3 Billion plastic straws are used which reaches the ocean and affect the marine life! Looking at this problem bamboo straws are also made which dissolve in few months.

Water Bottle and Tiffin Box

In place of Plastic bottles, bamboo water bottle are also available in market. Bamboo is replacing many other plastic products like bamboo tiffin box, bamboo Soap-dish, Pen holder, Hair brush, Dish wash brush, Hanger, Lunch box and many more items!

Save Our Planet by Planting more Bamboos!

Bamboo are plants that can fill in different conditions. Bamboo plants assist with safeguarding dampness in the dirt and can fill in parched locales where dry seasons happen habitually and crops neglect to develop. It can likewise fill in low wetlands, high raised mountain regions, and in a wide scope of environments.


Not only plastic and wood, tissues can also made from bamboos! Everyday thousand of threes are cut just to make tissues and we can reduce this immediately by using bamboo tissues from now!

All these facts and figures prove that bamboo can reduce the waste and can save out planet. If we start using bamboo products, so much of our waste would be less! So lets share this article with your community and become a hero to save our planet!!

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