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Save Our Planet using Bamboo as Plastic Alternative!

Actually bamboo can take up to 3 months to 2 years to decompose, depending on the soil and environment condition. Where as plastic take 500-1000 year to decompose!! So, for sure Bamboo is a better alternative than Plastics!

But can Bamboo replace plastics? Well, I won’t say replace in all places. But we can reduce the usage of Plastics! There are already many products are made of Bamboo and replacing the Plastics! Let me allow explain with some products:


We used toothbrush first in the morning which is made about plastic. On an average, we use 4 toothbrush in 1 year. Let calculate it by multiplied with total world population!! Its only 1 Toothbrush said by 8 Billion peoples. Just think how much count is that?? All that waste will be there for 500 years or more!! Shocking!!

So, you can change your plastic toothbrush with bamboo toothbrush immediately. Bamboo toothbrush is easily available in an market!


We all know that plastic disposable are used a lot. And recycle of them almost impossible! That’s why bamboo disposable are made which decompose in few months time.


Every year around 8.3 Billion plastic straws are used which reaches the ocean and affect the marine life! Looking at this problem bamboo straws are also made which dissolve in few months.



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