Water Bottle and Tiffin Box

In place of Plastic bottles, bamboo water bottle are also available in market. Bamboo is replacing many other plastic products like bamboo tiffin box, bamboo Soap-dish, Pen holder, Hair brush, Dish wash brush, Hanger, Lunch box and many more items!

Save Our Planet by Planting more Bamboos!

Bamboo are plants that can fill in different conditions. Bamboo plants assist with safeguarding dampness in the dirt and can fill in parched locales where dry seasons happen habitually and crops neglect to develop. It can likewise fill in low wetlands, high raised mountain regions, and in a wide scope of environments.


Not only plastic and wood, tissues can also made from bamboos! Everyday thousand of threes are cut just to make tissues and we can reduce this immediately by using bamboo tissues from now!

All these facts and figures prove that bamboo can reduce the waste and can save out planet. If we start using bamboo products, so much of our waste would be less! So lets share this article with your community and become a hero to save our planet!!

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