Marketing project management software is an excellent tool for managing creative projects. It provides more control over creative projects and helps companies reduce administrative overhead.

It also provides an effective way to collaborate with other departments and teams, enabling the creation of more creative output. And, of course, it improves the quality of the final product and reduces risks of marketing compliance issues. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most popular tools for this purpose.

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Marketing project management software


Planio is a marketing project management software that makes planning and organizing social media campaigns easy. The Agile board can visualize upcoming campaigns and the calendar can help manage resources.

The Gantt view helps teams manage resources and avoid overlapping campaigns. Inbound marketing teams can often struggle to keep track of SEO and link-building campaigns.

Fortunately, smartsheet is designed to make the process easier. It helps teams keep track of creative operations, event logistics, and campaign results.


ProofHub is a great example of a marketing project management software. Its email functionality is a standout feature of this software.

Whether it’s a web-based tool or a marketing management app, Hubspot’s email feature will save your team time. Its customizable emails will help you keep in touch with your contacts, and it has revenue analysis tools that make it easier to track and analyze the success of every email campaign.

Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan is a marketing project management software built around a drag-and-drop timeline. It helps you organize your campaign and manage tasks. It has features for recurring tasks, recurring projects, and team timelines.

It also lets you visualize how many people your team needs and can handle at a time. The software is basic, but is good for staying organized. You can use it to create and send email messages.

Toggl Plan is a marketing project management tool that revolves around a drag-and-drop timeline. It helps you plan your marketing campaigns and prioritize tasks. It also offers recurring tasks and team timelines.

Toggl Plan also has built-in task checklists and allows you to visualize your team’s capacity. It’s a simple, but effective tool for managing your marketing project. It helps you stay organized and ensure you’re doing your best to beat competition and retain customers.


Salesmate is a marketing project management software that makes managing the tasks of your sales team much easier. The software makes it easier for you to beat competitors, build a brand name, and retain customers.

And you can even share documents and chat with your team members in the cloud. In other words, marketing project management software helps you focus on what matters most.

The most important aspect is that it helps you work with the right team. So, if you are looking for a marketing project manager, it is important to consider using a platform like this.


By reading this article now you have good idea about good and bad effects of marketing project management software. Thanks for reading!!

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